They sell all kinds of Rock. And deliver it.

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Apple Valley Construction in Apple Valley, CA

Doug Hamilton started Apple Valley Construction Co., Inc. in 1978, as a small enterprise with one dump truck and backhoe. The Hamilton family, having its background in the oil-well drilling industry, transitioned naturally to underground construction, including the installation of septic systems, sewer lines, and water pipelines. Apple Valley Construction Company embodies the full spectrum of qualifications the General Engineering field! Since then, we have flourished in many industries, and has found our passion in Pipeline Installation and Septic System Installation and Repair.

  • Pipeline installation, water, sewer and storm drain.
  • Installation and hookup of sewer laterals.
  • Utility trenching, electric, telephone, cable etc.
  • Hole drilling for canopies, etc.
  • Sales and delivery of rock, sand and landscaping materials.
  • Transfer truck, end dump and low bed truck sub-hauling.

Certified to do the Job Right

We have been certified as General Engineering Contractors since 1978 in the State of California with ID #680052. In addition to Class A, Apple Valley Construction Co., Inc. include Class B-General Building licensing, and Class C-42 Sanitation Systems licensing. We continuously carry $5,000,000 in General Liability Insurance, and are bonded for $5,000,000 with First National Security. Our Commercial Agent is Calbond Surety Insurance Agency in Corona, California.

We would love to hear from you concerning your project, no matter how big or small. Request an estimate, and our Contractors will be in touch with you at our earliest convenience.